Our team holds a 'finger on the pulse "of development and implementation of the principles of" green "economy in Kazakhstan.

Our analysts - a fusion of seasoned strictly practical experience: the Creator and Master of innovation adaptation and implementation of the system; and, of course, more mobile, easy-going, and most importantly -
capable of 3D-modeling a thousand ways of effectively combining international and national sustainable development programs, myrrh RK programs, sector reforms and the base of innovative projects.

More than a dozen have successfully implemented innovative projects - is considerable, but the precious experience, especially on the threshold of EXPO-2017.

Today, we offer investment consulting companies confronted the need for expert advice on investing their own or borrowed funds in the business , in order to obtain a reasonable profit for them.

Thus, our experts 'will help you to:

1. If you - the inventor, we will conduct an expert evaluation of the relevance and possible commercialization of
your idea or project; if necessary, propose your project groups of interested investors in order to finance the production of industrial designs and to preparetechnical and economic support of the international standard; prepare
documentary support in obtaining grants from various organizations; We help to reach the top "successful" in the competition of your innovative product for the strong demand in the Kazakh market.

2. If you - the investor, we can help you answer the questions: what economic effect, I expect from the project,
how true results of the calculation as they resist the inevitable deviations from the conditions of the project made the calculation, especially in the modern Kazakh economy.

Official conclusions and recommendations of our experts will give you confidence in the actions, and, in
particular, in external borrowing necessary funds. These calculations will also be needed for the interaction with the outside world to attract shareholders, creditors often receive support from authorities.

All of the major challenges of the  economy are solved with the help of investment - from the creation of new
objects of entrepreneurial activity up to upgrade  and technical re-equipment of existing enterprises.

Description of projects

Wind Energy
Solar energy
Preventive nutrition
New technologies in construction